Thank God we can't tell the future, we could never get out of bed.


A signature move/finisher: Glam Slam


Any female wrestler: Ashley

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I’d rather have Corey Graves back then CM Punk, tbh. 

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AJ won again, huh?

To be honest (I don’t wanna start a fight, thats my opinion), AJ don’t deserve it. She can wrestle and she’s really good. Respect to her. She made a good job on a really weird way and I love her moves. Of course, I don’t like her (never liked her before) but thats not the reason and not the…

Preach 🙌

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IMHO AJ doesn’t deserve to be a 3x divas champion!! WWE is playing a hot potato with the title and reigns really don’t mean anything!! WWE should just let AJ lose and win the title again because it seems like they want her to break all the records.


"In my opinion, Eve is the divas champion of divas champions. She’s the definition of a diva - sexy, smart and powerful. I think she’s the greatest divas champion ever."

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"I want AJ to became a three time WWE divas champion and breaks Eve’s record."

Nobody deserves to break eve’s record

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not bad, right? anybody want an autograph?

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