Thank God we can't tell the future, we could never get out of bed.

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Did anyone ever have that Superstar or Diva that they just always cheered? Even when they were ‘the bad guy’?”

Yes: Eve Torres.

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Okay I need to tell something. Today is Eve and Rener’s wedding. They are together for over 7 years and today should be their day. SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BRINGING AJPUNK?! I really don’t care about them because it’s Eve’s day, not theirs!!! You all need to understand that!!


AJPunk? Really? Let’s not forget it’s all about Eve and Rener

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Why do you talk about AJPunk when it’s Eve and Rener’s day? Smh

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Raise your hand if you don’t care about AJ/Punk because it’s Eve’s day.

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Think Again - Paige 

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